Monday, February 1, 2010

February Update

Well I had a pretty good January. I finished 102 models including 10 pieces of terrain. I almost finished the the rest of the planned miniatures for January, which will all be finished in February, but got side tracked with getting the Black Legion prepped and ready for painting. I have a couple nice LOTR miniatures I have been working a little on and they should be finished sometime this week too.

So right now I have all of the black legion primed and the bases are finished. I will take a picture of them tomorrow and post them up so you can see what they look like before I really start getting down to work. I am actually hoping to have all of them finished by the middle of the month.

All I am waiting for now in order to have them completely assembled are four sets of black legion shoulder pads. Ordered them last week and they should be here before this week is out. After that I will probably order the dreadnought from Forge World in a couple of weeks.

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