Saturday, January 23, 2010

Black Legion Teaser

Ok, Black Legion is going to be my project for next month (as long as I do not get sidetracked by Lord of the Rings miniatures) so I thought I would post some pictures of my Abaddon conversion I did several years ago. This guy is going to be my captain in terminator armor.

Not sure what got into me in order to actually do this conversion but it is an Abaddon body with Dragon Ogre arms and an old metal head from a bloodletter I had hanging out in the bitz box.


  1. I'd say he makes a better demon prince, he looks permanently possessed. He's past his prime as a marine, he's living an infernal life now. It does not look like Abaddon at first glance either, great conversion.

  2. Yeah he is pretty possessed looking. No doubt. The only problem though is that I am going to use Belakor as a demon prince. Of course I could just use both which could be fun.