Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The first one.....

Well I thought I would finally start up a blog to track my painting. I recently started keeping track of all the miniatures I paint to help me paint more. It helps me to stay motivated if I have a written goal. So below is what I want to paint this year:

Unplanned Miniatures
4 Lord of the Rings Barrow Wights (Finished)
13 Stands of Trees (Finished)
4 Stands of Rough Terrain (Finished)
3 Stands of 40k Ruins (Finished)
1 40k Iron Hand Space Marine with Lascannon (Finished)

25 out of 25 painted

51 Citadel AD&D Norkers (Finished)
21 Lord of the Rings Army of the Dead (Finished)
1 Lord of the Rings King of the Dead (Finished)
8 Lord of the Rings Riders of the Dead (Finished)
6 Warhammer Empire Outriders (Finished)
8 Warhammer Empire Halberdiers
6 Lord of the Rings Arnor Knights (Converted)
11 Renegade Legion Space Ships
1 Lord of the Rings Shade (Finished)
1 Lord of the Rings Spider Swarm (Finished)
3 Rogue Trader Ambulls (Finished)

92 out of 117 Painted

40 Black Legion Tactical Marines (Finished)
9 Black Legion Chosen (Finished)
1 Black Legion Lord (Finished)
20 Black Legion Havocs (Finished)
10 Black Legion Raptors (Finished)
1 Black Legion Dreadnought

80 out of 81 Painted

40 Warhammer Empire Pikemen
40 Warhammer Empire Flagellants
10 Warhammer Empire Knights of the White Wolf
10 Warhammer Empire Knights of the Blazing Sun
10 Warhammer Empire Crossbowmen
1 Limited Edition Sergeant Centurius (Finished)
12 Rogue Trader Iron Warriors Terminators (Finished)
5 Renegade Legion Centurion Aeneas Light Tank (Finished)
1 Renegade Legion Centurion Deliverer Heavy Tank (Finished)
12 Renegade Legion Centurion Horatius Medium Tank (Finished)
6 Renegade Legion Centurion Liberator Medium Tank (Finished)
3 Renegade Legion Centurion Romulus APC (Finished)
6 Renegade Legion Centurion Spartius APC (Finished)
2 Renegade Legion Centurion Tajan Heavy Tank (Finished)
3 Renegade Legion Centurion Viper Light Tank (Finished)

51 out of 161 Painted

5 40k Renegade Militia Command
15 Battlefleet Gothic Ships
48 40k World Eaters
1 World Eaters Dreadnought
2 World Eaters Terminators

0 out of 71 Painted

60 Warlord Early Imperial Roman Legionnaires
20 Warlord Early Imperial Roman Praetorians
10 40k Red Scorpions

0 out of 90 Painted

30 Warlord Early Imperial Roman Veterans
40 Warlord Early Imperial Roman Auxilliaries
12 Warlord Numidian Cavalry

0 out of 82 Painted

32 Ral Partha Grimlocks
10 Wargames Foundry Pirates
1 Black Scorpion Mad Jim Jones
10 Warhammer Empire Knights of the Blazing Sun
4 40k Inquisitor Lord Hector Rex and Retinue
1 Ral Partha Firbolg
1 40k Tech Servitor
2 40k Renegade Apostate Preachers of Nurgle

0 out of 61 Painted

30 Warlord Early Imperial Roman Legionnaires
30 Warlord Early Imperial Roman Auxilliaries
25 Crusader Norman Infantry
8 Crusader Norman Knights
6 Perry Norman Infantry
6 Perry Norman Crossbowmen

0 out of 105 Painted

40 40k Tactical Marines
10 40k Assault Marines
10 40k Devastators

0 out of 60 Painted

5 40k Marines on Riding Lizards
2 40k Marine Attack Bikes
1 40k Chaplain on Bike
1 40k Apothecary on Bike
5 40k Marines on Bikes
48 Lord of the Rings Easterlings

0 out of 62 Painted

40 40k Dark Angels Tactical Marines
20 40k Dark Angels Devastators
12 40k Dark Angels Command Squad Marines
1 40k Dark Angels Captain
1 40k Dark Angels Chaplain
5 40k Dark Angels Assault Marines
2 40k Dark Angels Dreadnoughts

0 out of 81 Painted

20 Warhammer Dwarf Slayers
2 Otherworld Ogres
1 Ral Partha Lauranna
1 Ral Partha Raistlin
1 Ral Partha Caramon

0 out of 25 Painted

Grand Total
248 out of 1001 Painted

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