Saturday, January 23, 2010

51 Norkers

Well here it is 51 Norkers completely finished. I can not decide if they look more like crack head clowns or baboons that have learned to walk on their hands backwards. Some really ugly buggers for sure.

These are described in the 2nd edition monstrous compendium as having grey or brown skin color, yellow teeth, yellow eyes, and either red or blue noses.

I painted all of them grey just because I figured it would contrast better with the base color and it would be quicker to do them all one color. So having finished them in two days I probably could have taken an extra hour or two to make some brown.

If you do not get the baboon comment please see the last picture!!!!!

For those of you who do not know these miniatures are from the official range of Advanced Dungeons and Dragons miniatures made in 1985 by Citadel. It was a very cool line because they would take a single pose and then make multiple variations of this figure. Makes it a nice little miniature line to collect and try and get all of the different figures.

Below is pictures all of the different variants of the three basic types that I have.

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