Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Lord of the Rings Army of the Dead

These are the first miniatures I finished for 2010. This is 1 King of the Dead (1st picture) with 21 more warriors of the dead. All by GW.

This was another very easy paint job to pull off. They look a lot more green tinged in person but the light washed it out of the pictures a little. Anyway, if you want to paint yours like this just follow these easy instructions.

First I primed them black. Then I took a medium color grey (neutral grey by Americana) and put a heavy dry brush on the model. Next I added some white to the this color and dry brushed again (not as heavily this time). The last step before washing it is to dry brush a light coating of white on your model. After this step I watered down some snot green and used this to wash the model.

Let your models dry for a day and then go over the steps again starting with your grey and ending with your white.

It should go without saying that you do not need to reprime your miniature or wash it again.


  1. Are these the plastic models or the metal ones?

    I was wondering, do you think these models would look OK for scale in WHFB? Having a hard time determining that since I've not seen them side by side. Your opinion?

  2. These are the metal ones. What army are you thinking of using them for in WHFB? They are rather large and bulky for LOTR miniatures so they would look pretty cool as grave guard for instance.

  3. I was definitely thinking grave guard.

    Mixing a bunch with cheaper ghosts from other ranges would be an easy way to a spirit host army. It's supposedly not a great investment in points though.