Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Empire Pikemen

Some Empire spearmen I converted to hold pikes. A nice 8x5 block. Hopefully I will have these painted by the end of March.

This is not a very hard conversion but rather time consuming. I used the old Empire spearmen. I think they are 5th edition models. I used 18 gauge floral stem wire. You can get this from a craft store like Michael's (in the USA anyway). I then drilled out the hands of the spearmen and slid the floral wire right in. Drilled out the top of the spear a little bit and glued it to the end of the floral wire and was finished.

And I will never do this conversion again. Using a pin drill by hand that much was actually painful (and I do mean literally).


  1. They look good. And I like the guy with the hammer. Where did he come from?

  2. The guy with the hammer is an old Mordheim model. According to my catalog his proper name is Ostlander 2 with Great Hammer.

  3. Looks great as a large unit! Making them pikes makes it much more intimidating, and makes old plastics look great. They'll make a great backbone for your army.