Friday, January 22, 2010

Lord of the Rings Shade and Spider Swarms

Well I am almost finished with the 51 Norkers, probably be done tonight or tomorrow. But I got a little bored of painting the same figure over and over and over again..... 51 pretty much the same miniature is a killer.

So while I was working on that I decided to do some more Lord of the Rings Miniatures. So here are a shade and a spider swarm I finished. Both are quick to paint.

The spider swarm was painted with an off white color. The shade was a little more complicated. I started by painting the entire model with GW shadow grey and then giving this a wash of Ral Partha 77-723 Purple. The wash took about 45 minutes to dry at which point I mixed shadow grey with Ral Partha 77-817 Light Blue and dry brushed this over the model increasing the amount of light blue as I went. Last touch was a little yellow for the eyes.

If you do not count waiting for the wash to dry this model took about 15 minutes to paint. Quick and looks pretty good. The only problem I had was the the purple I used is about 20 years old and ended up drying a little "gritty". Not a problem but I would use another purple if I do another model like this.

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